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¿Cómo recalentar la Paella?

How to reheat Paella?

We tell you the best techniques to reheat your Paella. Most of the time that we eat Paella it is usually freshly made but many times we ask for more than necessary or we are not very hungry that day and we save it to eat another time.

If you have placed an order with us for paella: seafood, vegetables, black rice… We are going to tell you how you can reheat this dish to continue enjoying another day.

Ways to reheat Paella

When storing this dish, it is convenient to store it properly in a container and put it in the fridge until we eat from it again. When eating Paella again, it is important to know that there are several ways to reheat: microwave, pan, oven and pot.

reheat in microwave

The microwave is the easiest way to reheat food both at home and if you have to eat out. But that does not mean that it is the best option.

When reheating the paella in the microwave, the rice is already stuck from having been in the fridge. And the heat with which it is going to be heated in the microwave will contribute to making it drier than when we ate it for the first time and losing some of its flavor. That is why it is not the most recommended option but it is the easiest. It can be recommended to add a splash of olive oil or water so that the rice is not so dry.

Reheat in the pan

To reheat in the pan, it is recommended to heat it over medium heat, adding a drizzle of olive oil. When it is hot, add the Paella, spread it all over the pan and lower the heat to a simmer. For everything to heat up, stir a bit until everything is hot and wait about 10 minutes until it is.

This technique is very good for the Paella to continue with a structure similar to that of the first day and the olive oil adds this touch of flavor so as not to lose it. In the pan, a little socarrat can be created if the rice is fried a little more.

If the rice is a little dry, you can always add a splash of broth or water, you can combine this with the olive oil or not.

Reheat in the oven

Reheating the paella in the oven is the longest technique of all the above, because the oven takes longer to prepare and cook it. But to expedite the process, it is recommended to take the Paella out of the fridge a while before so that it reaches room temperature. It is not the most recommended either because it would be turning on the oven just to heat leftovers from a meal.

To heat the Paella, it is necessary to pour it over a dish that can be placed in the oven and the oven must be preheated to 125ºC. Once it reaches that temperature, the Paella is heated for 30 minutes or take it out sooner if it reaches the temperature you want.

Reheat in a Pot

Sticky or brothy rice

These rices are simpler, you can put them in a pot and heat it at a low temperature until they reach the right temperature. These are usually easier because they already come with broth and the broth will only thicken in the fridge, letting it warm up in the pot and ready to eat.

Water bath

Place a pot with water to heat, put the rice in a container that is placed on top of the hot water and stir until it is moist and hot.

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