ᐈ Paella a domicilio l La Paella en Casa

Paella Fideuá Course

Fideuá Rice and Paella School at DMV Area

We teach you how to prepare a delicious Fideuá paella in the DMV Area

Learn how to prepare rice and paella with our courses and events that we do in our kitchen space in Madrid, learn how to cook a real Valencian paella. Our paella masters will guide you and reveal all their secrets.

After finishing the course, all participants will sit down to taste the paella made, they will receive a paella specialist diploma and a Paella at Home apron.

Fideuá Paella Course in the DMV Area

If you want to learn how to cook an authentic Valencian paella we are waiting for you at paella at home. In this workshop we will teach you how to cook your own paella while enjoying an appetizer paired with Valencian wines.
We will finish enjoying all the paellas with all the participants seated at the table.

You will learn a traditional Valencian paella recipe and we will award you with a diploma certifying the completion of the course. But the main objective of the course is to have fun in the kitchen!

This workshop is one of our most requested paella courses.

We offer you a workshop whose main dish will be Paella.
The dynamics will be as follows:
By groups of approximately 2-3 people will elaborate the paellas, with its fire, paella and ingredients. Always from the hand of the master rice cook you will learn all the secrets of this recipe.

During the cooking they will taste an appetizer paired with wine.

Once the paella is finished, you will sit down to taste the rice dishes.

We will finish the meal with a sweet touch.

Drinks during the course are included.

The content of the workshop is as follows:

Paella of your choice
Salad from the garden

All attendees will receive a Paellero Specialist diploma and the apron with which they carry out the activity.

Approximate duration is 3 hours: 2 hours of paella preparation and 1 hour of lunch/dinner.

Paella cooking courses in the DMV Area are a perfect teambuilding activity for companies that want to organize an event with their employees.
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