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¿Cuántos tipos de arroz hay?

The best types of rice for paellas

Today we will analyze the different types of rice that exist when it comes to making a good paella and which is the excellent one by far, a very recurring question among people.

The answer to this question is somewhat complex to the extent that the rice is going to be better depending on the use that we are going to apply to it, that is, a recipe for dry rice or paella is not the same as soupy rice or sweet rice. and for this reason there are certain varieties that are more suitable for one type of rice or another.

A question that we also often observe among people and that always generates a dispute, deals with what type of brand of rice is the best and the result of this debate is that the difference between brands is minimal and focuses more on the factor of quality such as, for example, the percentage of broken grain or the freshness of the product that will mark the expiration date.

Next we will analyze the different varieties of rice where we can find the differences that exist between them. Considering this said, let’s look at the varieties of rice that the Valencian community defends, being three:

First we will name the Senia type variety, which includes different varieties such as Sendra Bahía, Senia gleba and some other subspecies.

The second and most used variety is bomba rice, a well-known variety and where I will explain it in more detail later.

The third, and recently created, is Albufera rice.

Now we will analyze each type mentioned above. Senia rice is characterized by having the lowest price as it has high productivity. It is characterized by being a creamy and moist grain. It is a grain that does not withstand overcooking well and therefore should not exceed 16 minutes of cooking. Due to this characteristic, it is a rice that is designed for the use of experienced rice growers.

We continue with its second variety, bomba rice, which has a low productivity but its main advantage is that thanks to its organoleptic characteristics we get a more resistant and easy-to-work rice, although it also cooks longer as it has a harder round grain. , being its cooking from 17 to 20 minutes. It is a rice normally for less experienced rice cookers.

Finally, staying with one of the three varieties of rice par excellence in the results of its dishes, it would be the bomba rice, transforming it into one of the preferred varieties in all restaurants. This type of rice is always on point. It is capable of absorbing much more broth than the others, up to multiplying the size of the rice itself. In addition, the grain continues to evolve once the cooking itself is finished and it is removed from the heat, so that when it is left to rest for a few minutes, it gains even more flavor.

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