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10 good reasons to order your paella at home in Madrid

There is always a good reason to enjoy a paella. At home, you will live the best family culinary experience. In your company, it will help improve relationships and productivity. Also think about the celebrations, about all those days that will go down in the history of your life, such as communions, baptisms or weddings. Any occasion is the perfect opportunity to order your paella at home in Madrid and taste the star dish of Mediterranean gastronomy.

Leave an indelible mark on the palates of the diners who sit at your table. We give you 10 good reasons to order your paella at home and make any given day more special than ever. With La Paella en Casa you can make your order, leave the menu in our hands and forget about everything until it’s time to serve. Afterwards, you just have to let yourself go and enjoy the best flavors of the sea and the land.


Master chefs experts in paella

First reason, if the stove resists you when preparing a paella at home, let our master chefs take care of everything.

Do you have paellera to cook?

It doesn’t even need to be done, that’s what we are for. We will prepare the recipe that you choose and that your guests like the most. Once prepared, we will send your paella at home in Madrid freshly made and ready to eat in one of our paella pans.

Save preparation time

A well-made paella requires dedication. If your responsibilities prevent you from taking your time in the kitchen, La Paella en Casa does it for you.

A great paella with the best ingredients

To cook a paella that will leave the table breathless, you need to have the right products. At La Paella en Casa we work with the best ingredients for paellas, freshly collected from the land and from the sea.

You make sure everything is on point

You make sure everything is on point

Our team is made up of expert paella cooks who know what they are doing from tradition and a lifetime of experience.


Your paella at home to everyone’s taste

As each palate is different, it is possible that some of your guests prefer a different recipe. Luckily, at La Paella en Casa we give you one more reason to order your paella at home. We put at your disposal different types of paella so that the pleasure of good taste is at the level of all your diners.

Paella to avoid allergies and food intolerances

If any of your guests have allergies or intolerances, let us know when you place your order. We will take this into account during the preparation of your order so that the banquet is safe for everyone.

Paellas for children

As is the tradition, paella is eaten as a family on Sundays and that includes the little ones. You already know that children have a preference for certain ingredients. So that eating a paella at home is a positive experience and repeats with full mouths, order several paellas from us and ensure the success of your meal.


Ordering your paella at home in Madrid is very easy

La Paella en Casa is known in the Community of Madrid for its authentic flavors and for the personalized attention we give to each client. In addition, it will be very easy for you to discover how to place your order. Do you still need more reasons to reserve your paella at home?

You choose the day and time of delivery

Check your schedule and let us know in advance. On the appointed day we will show up punctually at the agreed delivery point.

Let’s pick up our paella pan

We deliver your paella to your home in Madrid and, at the end of the meal, to save you any inconvenience, we will personally pick up our paella pan.


Tú solo tienes que preocuparte de solicitar tu paella a domicilio y disfrutar del momento. Serás el mejor anfitrión y tus invitados no podrán dejar de chuparse los dedos. Mientras quede arroz en la paellera, la fiesta continúa.


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