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Las mejores comidas para llevarte a la playa

The best meals to take to the beach

With the arrival of good weather and vacations, many of us are looking forward to taking vacations and going to the beach for a few days. When you are on the beach, you want to go out to eat or have a snack along the promenade, but there are also many who decide to take a food container down to the beach and thus enjoy more hours of sun.

If you are one of those who spend the day with family or friends on the beach, you like to eat from a Tupperware and make it a good meal, keep reading this post to find out which are the best meals to take to the beach.

Meals to take to the beach

Eating on the beach is often annoying, whether it’s because of the air or the sand, we don’t enjoy a good meal in the same way. For this reason, we bet on meals that are easy to carry and eat in these situations. Here we tell you which are our favorites.

Tortilla de Patatas

This dish that can be eaten on any occasion and that everyone likes (except for the debate with or without onion). This dish is very easy to take to the beach and be eaten by everyone, friends or family. Without a doubt, it is the essential for a good meal on the beach, sunbathing or playing in the water.

Pasta salad

Another of the star dishes for the summer, pasta salad has become one of the favorite dishes for many of us. This dish is very easy to make and eat as you can take it anywhere.

The good thing about this dish is that everyone can add the ingredients that they like the most and season it however they want. This dish consists of adding a pasta base and then ingredients such as tuna, tomato or whatever each one likes.

Snacks and Sandwiches

These may be the easiest food to transport and take anywhere. You can really make this food at home with bread and ingredients that you have or directly buy a loaf of bread and whatever you want to add, and make the sandwich on the beach or wherever you feel like it.

Rice Dishes

If we want to eat well on the beach, we can opt for a good plate of rice or paella. For this we will only have to download a paella tupperware with cutlery and be able to enjoy as if we were in a rice restaurant. If you order La Paella en Casa and want to take a tupperware the next day to the beach.

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