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Know the different varieties of rice

Rice is a basic element in the gastronomy of many cultures, such as Asian and Mediterranean. This product offers us a great source of energy, strengthening our immune system. For this reason we find it in many diets thanks to the different varieties of rice that we find throughout the world.

Throughout the planet there are more than 40,000 types of rice. It is such a versatile product that it allows us to make a Valencian paella, an Italian risotto or Japanese sushi. But not all serve the same. Nobody would think of making a paella with aromatic rice. All rice comes from the same plant, Oryza sativa, but there are multiple varieties of this product, as we show you in this post.

according to shape

  • Short or round grain rice

Arborio rice is the one we find in this modality. These have more starch and release it after cooking, thus providing a creamy texture. This rice is ideal for risottos or shushi.

  • Medium or semi-long grain rice

It is a rice that after cooking a soft grain is obtained, but not very sticky. The varieties that stand out in this way are bomba rice and carnaroli. Paella, rice pudding or baked rice use medium grain rice as a base.

  • long grain rice

Rice with a large amount of starch such as jasmine rice or Basmati. After cooking they present a firm and elastic grain. These rices are used in salads or in Asian dishes such as curries.

According to texture, size or aroma

  • glutinous rice

Sticky rice once cooked, which is why they are used in desserts. It is also known as sticky rice or sticky rise, in English. Popular in Thailand where its way of preparation is somewhat cultural, putting it in water the night before cooking. It is widely used for sweet dishes.

  • Aromatic rice

Once cooked, they give off certain aromas. It has a lot of starch so it’s hard to get it loose. Within this variety, jasmine or thai rice stand out. It is usually used to accompany fish or in Arabic and Asian recipes.

  • Pigmented rice

This rice is characterized by its color, which appears thanks to the pigments in the bran, which gives different shades to the grain. Very healthy variety as it helps reduce cholesterol. Venere rice is one of the best known within the pigmented rice.

variedades de arroz

According to your processed

  • Integral rice

Rice from which the outer part has been removed, keeping the bran layer that surrounds it, this gives it a characteristic color and makes it more difficult to chew. This rice is not a variety in itself, but can be obtained from the rice varieties mentioned above. It can be used in any recipe.

  • Precooked and steamed rice

In this process we find pre-cooked rice (rice to which a heat treatment is applied, in this way its cooking is shortened during cooking) and steamed rice (from which the bran is removed with water during a light cooking). Known for not going too far, they do not absorb flavors like rice that has not undergone the pre-cooking process. It is more digestive rice, but less tasty.

Did you know all these varieties of rice? Before you start cooking, you need to know its characteristics and choose the one that best suits your needs, in this way you will achieve the best results. And now let’s get to work!

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