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    Fermin Serrano, Boneless: Jamón serrano is one of the most popular cured meats in Spain. Both more economical in value, while simultaneously maintaining an amazing level of quality. This jamón serrano is aged for a minimum of 20 months, giving it an even longer curing process than most serrano hams from Spain. This high quality serrano is produced from pigs that are born and raised in Spain, only enhancing the quality and authenticity of the product. 

    Fermin is based in La Alberca, Spain. Their pigs roam in a natural reserve within those lands that is now considered a World Heritage site. Protected nature that is designated to produce some of the finest quality jamón.

    Thinly sliced, jamón serrano is packed with a rich, nutty aroma. It’s a wonderful addition to a charcuterie board paired alongside your favorite Spanish cheeses, or rested  on top of pan con tomate, or within one of your favorite recipes. Truly, an amazingly versatile product–great on its own, or accompanied by other premium ingredients. 

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