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5 reasons to include paella in your diet

Paella is one of the most emblematic dishes of Spanish gastronomy. Its nutritional contribution has made it one of the most complete dishes of the Mediterranean diet. In addition to being an exquisite dish and all the energy it gives us, we give you 5 reasons why you should include paella in your diet.

5 reasons to include paella in your diet

Rice, olive oil, saffron water, vegetables, chicken and rabbit are some of the ingredients that cannot be missing from paella. These provide energy and caloric values ​​to your diet that make it an incomparable dish. Here we show you the 5 reasons why you should include it in your diet:

Your nutritional contribution

The nutritional value of paella is very complete. The mixture of rice with meat, fish or vegetables provides the essential nutrients for a balanced diet

The presence of cholesterol and saturated fats is minimal.

Being such a complete dish, paella has vitamins and minerals that help to minimize cholesterol and improve metabolism.

The paella satisfies.

The mixture of its ingredients causes a feeling of satiety. This is enhanced the more al dente the rice is.

large doses of fiber

This dish provides large doses of fiber, both for the rice and for its other ingredients such as vegetables.

A moderate portion is suitable for overweight people

Eating paella in moderation and as a single dish is ideal for all types of diets. The caloric intake is lower than the nutritional intake. It is important to control the amount of rice and find a balance between all the ingredients.

In addition to these 5 reasons to include paella in your diet, it can be a great dish for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance, since it is made with completely natural, gluten-free and lactose-free products. Take note and take advantage of all the contributions that this wonderful dish offers you when creating a balanced diet.

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