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Paella is one of the most popular dishes in Spanish cuisine. Originally from the Valencia region, paella is a rice dish cooked in a large, flat skillet with a variety of ingredients, including seafood, chicken, rabbit, green beans, and tomatoes. It is often served with lemons and a glass of crisp white wine. But what utensil should be used to eat paella? A fork or a spoon?

In general, the use of a fork is recommended when eating paella. The fork is used to hold small portions of rice and other ingredients, and is brought to the mouth. The idea is to eat the paella in small portions, savoring the different flavors and textures of the ingredients.

However, some people prefer to use a spoon to eat paella, especially if the paella is more runny. In this case, the spoon is used to scoop up the rice and liquid and is brought to the mouth. The spoon can also be useful for eating larger ingredients, such as clams or chicken pieces.


Ultimately, the choice of utensil is down to personal preference. Paella is a dish to be enjoyed slowly, savoring each bite and sharing it with friends and family. There is no “correct” way to eat paella, as long as you enjoy the taste and experience of the dish.


In addition, it is important to note that paella is a dish that is best enjoyed in company. Traditionally, it is served in a large paella pan to share with friends and family. Conversation and camaraderie are an integral part of the paella eating experience. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you use a fork or a spoon to eat paella, the important thing is to enjoy it in good company.


There are also those who say that if the paella is served on a plate, it will be eaten with a fork, since they serve us our own portion🍴 . However, if we are going to eat directly from the paella pan, according to the Valencian tradition, the paella will be eaten with a spoon🥄 . In the past, this spoon had to be made of wood.

In conclusion, paella is a dish that is best enjoyed in company, regardless of whether you use a fork or a spoon to eat it. The important thing is to savor each bite and enjoy the unique flavors of the paella. And if you are a paella lover, do not hesitate to try our varieties of the dish to find your favourite. Order La Paella en Casa at home and we’ll bring it to you so you can enjoy all the flavor at home with your family.

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